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I got the message on 01.14.14 at 4:30pm that things were starting to happen (and that she was getting excited). I got excited too, this was going to be awesome! Not long after I received that text I got another one mentioning that she had steady contractions and they were heading to town to labor at Justin's moms house, this was at 7:07pm. Just under 3 hours later I received the text that they were headed to the birth center and new updates would follow shortly. I instantly started rushing, getting last minute details arranged and my 5 month old baby girl ready to go back to sleep so I could leave her with her sleeping daddy. I did not succeed. She was still wide awake when I received the text to head to the birth center asap, a short half hour since the last text at 10:08pm. After dropping my little girl off with gramma to spend the night, I rushed to the birth center. I arrived at 11:30pm to a calm and peaceful environment full of family and love. Everything went so fast. Sedalia made her debut Earthside on 01.15.14 at 12:15am followed by about an hour of new baby love and nursing. A short break after that and then a well baby checkup around 2:20am that lasted not near long enough for me. It was over, I had to go home. It was a long morning without my baby girl to snuggle and cuddle, but it was so worth it! Such an amazing experience. And without further ado, here is Sedalia's Birth through my lens!

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